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Meet Chris and Karen

Meet Chris and Karen

Meet Chris and Karen

“Let’ s go ’round da Bay” Chris always suggested as the weekend rolled around. The draw of home is strong with most Newfoundlanders. All through his 20 years in the city, ideas settled randomly, sparks of things that might work to make a life around the bay. As life unfolds with its interesting twists and turns, his chance happened in a way he didn’t plan at all. It was a whirlwind romance on a Caribbean holiday that started it all really, and the fact that his new love, (me), started saying each week, as the weekend drew near “Let’s go ’round the Bay”. The peacefulness and draw of the land here quickly took root in me. It was just as we were about to start building a summer house in King’s Cove that a “for sale” sign was posted on the inn. Suddenly the thought of a distant retirement was replaced with a way to move here now; a great fit with Chris’s passion for cooking and my love of decorating and cleaning. It was an exciting time, a flurry of moving, planning, painting, building. Now we’re enjoying it all, and of course it’s not at all what we expected. Way more fun! We’ve met the neatest people; that’s been one of the great unexpected pleasures – meeting so many really nice people, all with their own interesting stories. Making new friends.

We want you to feel it too – the living outdoors, enjoying ocean side hiking trails with the most magnificent views you can imagine, soaking in the history in all the towns along our Peninsula. We look forward to meeting you, and hearing your story!



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