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Chris Ricketts Fine Art

Chris Ricketts Fine Art

Chris Ricketts Fine Art

"Peaceful Solitude" and "Summer Retreat"

Chris Ricketts Fine Art

"On The Ground" and "Going Fishing"

Chris Ricketts Fine Art

"Left Behind", "Hurry Up" and "Winter Peace"

Chris Ricketts Fine Art

"What Was" and "Back Porch in Exploits"

Chris Ricketts Fine Art

"The Ryan Premises" and "One For Supper"

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Canvas Limited Edition Prints

Sizes vary from 11″ x 14″ ($250 + tax) to 24″ x 36″ ($375 + tax)

Decorator Prints

Matted and Framed (10″ x 14″): $90 + tax

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Matted and Framed (5″ x 7″): $30 + tax

Chris Ricketts Artist Bio

Chris Ricketts Fine Newfoundland Art

Chris studied art for 10 years under the guidance of Ed Roche and Les Noseworthy. Both of these renowned Newfoundland artists helped him greatly in his quest to understand painting. He’s partaken in many Artscape trips, travelling with a group of artists and taking photos of all corners of the Island, Labrador, and parts of Nova Scotia. These excursions provided a chance to photograph some of the most scenic spots on earth, and staying in some small communities gave him a taste of the rich history of these areas. These experiences resulted in four of Chris’s paintings which became part of a group show hosted by The Corner Brook Arts and Culture Center. Chris also participated with 26 other artists in the St. John’s Capital Art Project, which captured different points of St. John’s rich history. The paintings were purchased by City Hall as part of their permanent collection.


Artist Statement

Chris Ricketts Fine Newfoundland Art

My paintings attempt to capture the stark beauty of Newfoundland and tell a story of the rich history. From the weather-beaten fisherman, to the neighborhood corner store, my experience growing up in this rugged beauty has had a strong influence on my work. I have always felt a deep connection to King’s Cove through my family roots there, and the area’s majestic beauty and history has always enthralled me. As a result, King’s Cove has been the subject of a lot of my art and I intend to continue adding more paintings to this series.

The “Other Studies” series is comprised of a variety of subjects and landscapes; some real and some purely in my imagination.