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The Ocean is calling … your Sea Glass is ready.

When we heard it takes about 40 years for the ocean to tumble a piece of glass to the smooth treasures that arrive on our shores, like new gifts each day, we were intrigued.

We didn’t even know we were going to get hooked on this hobby – until we found our first perfect piece of glass, that is! It draws us in so many ways – the peaceful feeling we get walking along the ocean, the excitement when we find a rare color, or perfect shaped piece. With evidence of the past all around us in the old weathered homes along our shores, the sea glass sparkling at our feet appeals to our love of everything old… where did these pretty shards come from? Were they someone’s special china, saved for company, perhaps enjoyed at a home just over the crest of the hill?

Come and get hooked. We’d love to give you directions to find your very own treasures.

Some of our favorite pieces

Cassandra’s treasure.

This brilliant turquoise is rare; we get so excited when we find this color!

Eli and Kris – it’s so exciting to find purple!!!

Like a chameleon, it blends right in with the beach rocks…

Beautiful seafoam green.

Our favorite beach

Sue found a gorgeous shade of pink in Sweet Bay.


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